Attitude is Everything

1Eversince the human generations started to evolve, many things in and around them underwent change. The way they lived their lives, the way they dealt with things gradually improved in terms of capability and quality of living. As a result of this evolution we got to see many scientists, mathematicians, biologists who further explored and made a positive impact on the livelihood of the people. However, this also leads to the increase in the practice of imprudence. Puzzled? But it’s true.

Over the years, along with the improved living conditions of the people, acts of sinful nature have also evolved such as hatred, selfishness, jealousy, envy. These qualities in an undercurrent have taken their roots in the minds of the people and made them ignore truth. For instance, People had humiliated Copernicus for his thesis that the earth was round. But later this fact has lead to important discoveries in the study of celestial bodies. Alfred Nobel the great invented Dynamite; unfortunately, people misused it and caused many massacres.  But why did it happen? Why is it happening now? The root cause lies in the thinking of the common man. He is limiting the boundaries of his capability. Every day we see emergence of new technologies, birth of new innovations, in contrary we also get to see how people are degrading themselves. The idea behind internet was to establish communication between two different ends of the world. But the rate at which the cyber crime has increased and the number of deceived is alarming. Another impact which the negative attitude of the people leads to is being impatient. People desire what they want to be available at the very next instance, and because of this lust they are becoming greedy for money, corrupting themselves and the society as well. Also because of irrationality, people fail to listen and understand what wise have advised, and they remain being immature.

We have people in search of innovation; we also have people who ignore verity. The need of the hour is to curb pessimistic nature which has been wounding us like thorns and realize the importance of being kind, gentle and meek. We should also recognize that positive attitude enriches practicality, an essential quality one has to acquire to identify oneself.

By –

G Ruthmercy & MV Phani Deepthi


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  1. Nirupama Mahesh

    Attitude is something that either makes or breaks a relationship . Nobody can hurt us or make us feel happy . Everything lies within us . A positive attitude keeps us strong … Good write up on Attitude !

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