Lost no More!


Noah’s Ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative by which God saves Noah, his family, and a remnant of all the world’s animals from the flood. The story of the flood closely parallels the story of the creation: a cycle of creation, un-creation and recreation, in which the ark plays a major role.

Many of the ancient things such as this ark haven’t been found for many years but we see that from sand and earth, has emerged much of the hidden truth of the man’s development. Ron Wyatt was one among those who had the zeal to find the hidden truths. He worked as a nurse anaesthetist in a hospital in Madison, Tennessee. From 1977 until his death in 1999 he made over one hundred trips to the Middle East. A mystery of finding a boat like structure at Mount Ararat in Turkey made him a celebrity but in archaeology celebrity comes at a price.


In 1977 after 17 years of research Ron was able to begin field work at eastern turkey and they found anchor stones. As they were still researching suddenly an earthquake took its way in 1978 but it actually did a better job for excavation by helping them look at the ripped Timber. Now that they had some remains with them they rushed the sample to the United States. Through the samples they could notice that the presence of carbon indicated that it was a decayed wood.

As the samples boosted them, now was the time for them to use the metal detector as evaluation criteria for finding the dimensions. The patterns were obvious and the evaluation proved that the ship was handmade. Scientific testing is the key to find time. But this research was brimming with ethnic and national conflicts. Ron and his party had been targeted for kidnapping by a group of terrorists, notorious in that area but despite of all this scientists and researchers chose to continue on the mission.

This time they wanted to use the Sub surface interface radar which transmits electromagnetic pulses into the ground. These pulses bounce back and are received by a receiver and the readings are read on a graph paper through which the objects could be located to some extent.

The wide expedition started again with permission for using the subsurface interface radar, when everything was setup what could never have been predicted came to pass, the terrorists attacked but as the Turkish government gave 30 commandos few terrorists were killed and so the research had to stop at this point of time but Ron was patient.

In the month of August 1985 the team received permissions and everything proved similar to the metal detector. With the years of research from 1985-1987 it was concluded that there were three chambers. The boat was unique internally as well as externally. The bottom most deck consisted of many chambers for animals. The research could prove that it was really Noah’s ark.

It’s human nature to fill in the blanks of unwritten history. This research would be noted as an important event in the history of race. It would have far reaching implications of both science and history. There would also be a religious teaching which shows two sides of god one as a judge and the graciousness and mercy which he extended to Noah and his family.

The Ron Wyatt expedition has contributed to the world what was formerly considered lost in time and it is now proclaimed by many as the resting place of the Noah’s Ark.

-Ruthmercy G


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