Kill me not, save me

In the darkness of the night, a baby cried

The nature rejoiced, the mother laughed

For, the baby was a girl! Yes, she was a girl

People were glad, their faces glowed

They danced, cheered and bowed

Everyone but the progenitor –

His eyes seemed to swirl round and round

He smirked as his face got browned

His heart felt nothing

There he was, standing

The time stood still, the wind was chill

As he was mourning the birth of a girl

“Don’t cry , don’t  cry”, said the baby

“I am alive; I am the apple of your eye

Let me live, let me cherish, Let me blossom”!

Echoed her heart

“O Daddy, don’t hunt me like a possum

One day, I shall be your pride standing by your side

Weep not, mourn not”, said the baby

The night passed and the day broke

The leaves swirled and the woods laughed .

                                                                                                                               Nirupama Mahesh





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