Rising Intolerance Treat to India

Rising Intolerance treat to India

India is the land of linguistic diversity. People of different religions live together in a state of brotherhood, as against many countries that strive to survive civil war due to only two religions; India is managing to grow as a super power with different variety of religions and customs. It is one of the reasons to attract foreign countries. For many years we lived together peacefully, however all of a sudden it seems like something is going wrong. We can see signs of growing intolerance by a few groups who believe that their religion is great and others are considered to be fake.

Recently many incidents took place which strengthen my arguments, first the brutal murder of a well-known intellectual and rationalist Dr. M.M Kalburgi for questioning the practices of idol worship. Early this year, we saw another brutal murder of Govind pansare, the issue that angered the conservative sections in Maharashtra was his interpretation of Shivaji. In a lecture on Shivaji last year in Pune, Pansare had regaled the audience by narrating the life and work of Shivaji in an insightful and entertaining manner. More recent are very insulting to India, the Pakistan writers and singers are not allowed to participate in Indian press conferences etc. and the beef ban in Maharashtra.


Another incident was fatwa issued by Raza academy, an organization of Indian Muslims that promotes hard-line Islamic beliefs through publications and research works, on Oscar award winner A.R.Rahman for composing music to an Iranian film “Muhammad: Messenger of God”. The film was criticized of being anti-Islam. In his defense, Rahman posted a message on Facebook saying “My decision to compose the music for the film was made in good faith and with no intention of causing offense”.


The role of media has also come under scrutiny, by giving undue publicity to these fringe groups. We have only managed to embolden these groups, who otherwise were ignored by public at large. The American president Barack Obama on his recent visit to India commented that religious intolerance prevailing in the country would shock Mahatma Gandhi. Countries like the US, Canada, and the UK are struggling with the same problem, however one must remember that these countries cannot boast of the rich culture, tradition and tolerance towards other faiths, which India has for centuries.

As the days pass, intolerance is rising on to a new level. So far we lived together peacefully and after these incidents India’s value among other nations is degrading. We are nowhere different from other countries, who are struggling to eradicate this intolerance over the years.

Is Modi Government responsible for this? Whatever the reason might be, I would recommend the government to take appropriate actions against this intolerance and make strict laws to live peacefully. As Citizens, we have to be faulted for not taking on these groups; strong cases must be put on these groups. No country can grow until it has social and religious harmony.


“There is only one religion, the religion of Love. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one language, the language of the heart. There is only one God, he is Omnipresent”.

Srikanth P.


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