World Cup or India’s Cup

“Fantastic, mind-blowing, unbelievable” performance by the Indian cricket team till date in World Cup 2015. Team India’s and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s dream run continues in World cup. This is the same team that has been winless in Australia for 2 months, the same bowlers and batsman who struggled and were criticized. However, now not only the fans but also the players have forgotten all these comments as a nightmare and are into a dream run.

mahendra-singh-dhoni-29vIndia has begun its journey in world cup with the match against its arch-rival Pakistan. India was in huge pressure before the match because India was on the field unbeaten against Pakistan in any ICC event and the match was poised enough to be the match of the World Cup, as, when the rivals – India and Pakistan have a faceoff it has something more than cricket. India completely dominated the match from the toss until the victory and it has become the match that boosted the confidence in the team. We have to be thankful to Pakistan for the kick-start given. Later, India played with South Africa and won for the first time against SA. With the West Indies, India quite stumbled but had a comfortable win .

The next matches that India is going to play are against Ireland and Zimbabwe. These matches should be easy for India. Indian team has qualified for the quarters, from here on it will be knock out. If everything goes as expected India will be on top of points table in Pool B where it would have a chance to play against 4th team in pool A which would be Bangladesh.

Even more good news for India is the team that may come to semis is the winner of Sri Lanka and South Africa. If Sri Lanka comes to play India can chill around as we have a good record against Sri Lanka. If it is South Africa  ,“the Protease” they are known for their inability to show on the big day. So we can expect India to be in final sans the so called hurdle – South Africa.13853

India’s opponent in the grand finale may be New Zealand or Australia. New Zealand and Australia will be playing their quarters against West Indies and Pakistan, and for their fair play New Zealand deserves a final berth. However, it all depends on how they play their Semi Final match if it is with Australia.

So I wrap up predicting that India may face New Zealand. I feel it difficult to guess from the both as New Zealand is in tremendous form and has the advantages of playing in their grounds. I also bet on Kane Williamson, if he can continue his form then NZ will be a serious contender, failing in which India will have an edge. Every match in which India bowls first is half won having Dhoni in the team. If not India it may be South Africa vs NewZealand/Australia in finals. Any different happenings should be considered as surprises.

                                                 Pradeep. Danthuri



One comment

  1. Nirupama Mahesh

    It is certainly going to be India vs the rest of the world and once again we would be the world champions !!

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