Extremity of “extremity of the Universe”

Okay! Let’s not blow our minds. We have countless things to worry about our life rather than thinking about the universe we are living in. But forget about every annoying and important thing in your life for a moment.

Just imagine that there is some kind of a boundary to the universe. Now, question yourself – “What would be the extremity of that boundary?” Obviously, there is nothing more mysterious yet curious, than the study of Universe. This isn’t going to enlighten you, but let’s cultivate curiosity in ourselves by recalling the facts of the Universe.


Figure 2 Big Bang

Around ten billion years ago, a hot miniscule dense dot, gave birth to the universe. Imagine a bomb after exploding, scatters all the matter inside it, to a distance directly proportional to the magnitude of chemical reactions caused in that explosion, in a vacuum space. The particles inside the bomb tend to move due to the momentum it acquires after the collision. In the same way, with an enormous, expansive and brutal force, an explosion which is called as “The Big Bang” had unleashed an unbelievable amount of energy causing the birth of the universe. According to our great scientist – Albert Einstein, an enormous energy will eventually convert into a mass of particles if the speed is nearly equal to the speed of light. So did the explosion thrust out, a mass full of some known and unknown chemical substances. From that mass, a tiny particle had taken the form of life which we call as “The Earth”, that has been fortunately still in a good shape.


Figure 3 Dark Matter

Each particle has the momentum and thus galaxies are expanding or spreading into the space. There is no one until now, who could prove exactly what happened before the Big-Bang and the cause of it. There are many theories explaining the plasmatic nature of the universe that predominantly contains Hydrogen and Helium gases. Now, what really is the illuminating matter that we could see in telescope? That dark matter, mysteriously connecting galaxies and stars altogether. To add up the mystery, what really is the dark repulsive energy that keeps apart galaxies from colliding each other? What are those obscure, invisible particles in the very dark matter?


Figure 4 Dark Energy

There is a paradox among many theories about dark energy. Now, let’s resolve this by simply understanding the dark energy with following analogy. Consider a ball tied to a thread on one end and with the other end, just revolve the ball around your hand as an axis. Now, metaphorically your fingers are the Sun and the revolving ball is Earth. It’s trivial to bring all planets into the picture, but let’s say they also exist as some more balls. Apparently, the balls stay revolving as long as the centripetal force and centrifugal force nullify each other by our fingers and the thread as the medium of energy. Now, this is interesting. Question yourself – “What’d be the medium of energy between Sun and Planets? What is causing Sun to attract planets?” Scientists reckon that it is a form of dark energy that makes the entire galaxy to spin itself, keeping the galaxy hold and the rotation speed constant. With this energy, galaxies are spinning around and drifting fast away, expanding the Universe. Strangely, it’s hard to comprehend, when the Universe stops expanding.


Figure 5 Conclusion quote

So, on the whole, to predict a boundary of the Universe, one will have to get insights of the matter that comprises of Universe and shut asking the hypothetical question – “What’s beyond the boundary?” When you realize the difference between what we’ve discovered and what we yet to discover, it is the moment where you’d really get the feeling of guilt that you are grasping at straws unless you are some scientist. So, keep dreaming fantasies of the Universe and/or contribute to unveil the facts of the Universe.

Finally, think extensively – “Where you are?”

-Aditya Sai


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