Design matters


Imagine a person sitting in a dark grey cabin with no ventilation, no aesthetic elements and coding all day. At the end of the day he will be frustrated and hates to return to his work the next day, even though he loves to code. If the same person is made to sit in a light colored cabin with proper ventilation, embedded with glass facades and which is aesthetically content he would enjoy his work as well as his environment. Design has a significant effect on human behavior, it revolutionizes the way people think and behave. The theory of feel good, do good is applicable here. If a person is in a positive place emotionally, then he would engage with the world more positively.

Since the development of technology is to cater man’s needs, design is given at most priority since it adds the cutting edge. Interior design has a great impact on the user and increases the productivity of the place practicing it. Thus keeping in view the behavioral responses of individuals differing in sex, age and health the places are appropriately designed for the convenience of the user.

19The important factors that affect the design of a place are the color, design of the space and the lighting. Color proves to be a prominent part in the perception of an environments aesthetic. If used carefully and skillfully, it can positively influence mood and behavior. A full range of psychological and emotional effects can be achieved through use of color because some colors are stimulating, others are relaxing and certain colors make a space appear larger than it actually is, while others cause spaces to appear smaller. The other aspect is the space. This is the part where most of the designs lag behind. Proper categorization of the space and its efficient planning would make the place more efficient and convenient to the user. The usual categorization of the space involves the Intimate space, the area immediately surrounding the individual’s body, Personal space, the area within which a person allows only selected friends or fellow workers, Social space, the area within which the individual expects to make purely social contacts on a temporary basis and the Public space, the area within which the individual does not expect to have direct contact with others. Thus if all the places are planned appropriately the convenience and the comfort level of the user increases.

The lighting is another important factor, well-designed lighting is one of the most important design elements that will support an individual’s ability to perform normal daily activities and decrease the level of disability associated with these impairments. The combination of good interior lighting and regular daylight exposure contributes to regaining and maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle greatly improving quality of life of an individual.

Thus design and people are inextricably linked; a proper design creates a great impact on the user revolutionizing his lifestyle.

-Yashasvi Bandi


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